Sunday, May 20, 2012

Headlining the birdcage

Rachel Maddow just held a cool contest where fans could write politically loaded headlines for real stories — what she calls “infoxification.” As a onetime headline writer myself, I thought it would be fun to get my own hands dirty with the grit of infoxification. And now, your top headlines (mostly from when I started this a few days ago): 

Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi dies in Libya

Lockerbie bomber disappointingly dies of natural causes

Smith slaps male journalist attempting to kiss him

Poll: Will Smith now favorite celebrity among conservatives

Chinese activist who fled house arrest heads to U.S.

Unpatriotic, handicapped, illegal communist immigrant invades U.S.

Evidence: Zimmerman bloodied, marijuana in Trayvon's blood

Pot traces in Martin’s blood point to self-defense by Zimmerman

Donna Summer dead at 63

Death of Summer puts global warming theories in doubt

Obama expected to push for growth at G-8 summit

Obama to urge rival nations to surpass U.S.

U.S. ceases sanctions on Myanmar as reward for democratic reforms

U.S. bends to Burma over lip service

A Kennedy Is Remembered for Struggles, and Warmth

Kennedy death jokes rise from dead

Stakes are high on Facebook's first day of trading

Will the magic of the free market “like” Facebook?

Facebook's Zuckerberg Announces Marriage

Facebook founder affirms marriage sanctity between man, woman

Congressional Republicans push for votes to prevent broad tax increases

Congressional Republicans push to protect hardworking Americans from further theft

Romney Defends His Record at Bain

Romney not ashamed of financial success, American Dream

Goodell Is Sued by a Saint Suspended in Bounty Case

Bounty kingpin files frivolous lawsuit against job creator

Paralyzed woman moves robotic arm using thought alone

Thought alone: the innovative new approach to health care

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GDad said...

"Evidence: Zimmerman bloodied, marijuana in Trayvon's blood

Pot traces in Martin’s blood point to self-defense by Zimmerman"

Sadly, very sadly, I had a conversation about this very topic with a normally pleasant coworker on Friday. She is convinced that the poor, put-upon Zimmerman was completely exonerated by this new evidence. I tried to change the subject by moving to the desirability of SYG laws, and the conversation started to go all pear-shaped, so I pressed the conversational clutch even harder and shifted into a completely different gear.