Thursday, May 31, 2012

As real as real really gets real

OMG, you guyz! Mitt Romney totally hasn't secured the Republican nomination! Sure, it looks like he has, but the widely reported delegate tally fails to take into account all of the technically undecided state caucuses that are surely all going to feel the breaking winds of THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION! Or so says this not-at-all biased website. Its exhaustive GOP delegate tally shows Romney with a 672-186 lead over Paul in actual delegates, which leads them to the natural conclusion that this is FAR FROM OVER.

Few of you might recall this, but I had a similar website during last year's NFL playoffs that showed how the Saints could advance even if they came up a few points shy of the 49ers. Because the media was hiding the REAL score from us, or our cult-like devotion would never let reality intrude, or something.

No, really!

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