Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An inconvenient truth (in convenient pocket form!)

The next time someone accuses science of being your religion, ask them why politics is their religion.

Politics is the biggest religion around these days. Abortion, tax cuts, foreign policy, the Second Amendment — all those and many more are as likely to be discussed in church as the Bible. So it only makes sense that the latest tract from Jack Chick (of "This Was Your Life!" fame) doesn't even try to be a clever marriage of life and Christianity — it's bluntly titled, "Global Warming."

Next up: "The Birth Certificate."
It's funny that one of the tract's points is that global warming has become a religion (complete with gods I've never heard of), when denying it is really the leap of faith.

It's also funny that it compares scientists to the Catholic doomsayers of old. Just like them, the tract claims, today's scientists have been warning of the end of the world for years, and that time has yet to come. So we should just ignore their crazy hysterics, which are motivated at least in part by profit and power. 

Instead, we should put our trust in Jesus, whose return to Earth is set for any day now. No need to worry about global warming, flock, because Jesus will burn up the world before we have a chance to! Except that we aren't capable of burning up the world. And Jesus is only breaking out the holy magnifying glass so he can burn off the tumors and reign for 1,000 years (after which Chick takes over, I presume). So buy dead-tree Chick tracts and SUVs! And don't mind the global-warming doomsayers — put your faith in Christian doomsaying!

I feel better already! 
So is global warming a religion? I guess it is now! Cue the T-shirts!

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