Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bullet point

You know what has never turned me on? Women with guns.

There's an equation to this. If I see a picture or a video of a beautiful woman holding a gun on a movie poster, for example, I will see her as beautiful, but mentally edit out the gun. For me, this reeks of marketing research meant to draw in 14-year-old boys.

If such a picture is on a rabid right-wing website as an example of a girl you shouldn't mess with, I will not find her beautiful. Even if she is. Probably because I've known a few cute gun obsessives in my time and they're generally scary. (To be fair to gun people, snobbery also has the same beauty-vaporizing effect.)

There's probably a deep-seated psychological reason for this. I prefer to think it's related to this, though.

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