Thursday, March 01, 2012

You're going the wrong way!

Last night, one of my Facebook friends posted a long list of outrageous presidential firsts perpetrated upon us by Barack Hussein Obama. He dared anyone to prove him wrong. "PROVE ME WRONG!"

No problem.

My intent was to check the truth of all 31 accusations on Snopes. False, false, irrelevant, likely not true ... that's as far as I got. Most of the rest of it was oddly specific trivia that, assuming the facts are correct (hah), don't tell us anything. "First President to defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law." Didn't Martin Van Buren also do that with Obama's health care reform? 

I left a comment saying that the passage was a mix of fact (?), opinion and falsehoods, and that if you're going to criticize Obama, you can do better. This morning, I saw that another friend had debunked another fact, after which the original friend removed it entirely. (Which is why I didn't link it here. I pasted only part of it into a document.)

That's a much better result than my 2008 MySpace row, because there's a chance the original poster learned something this time. I hope he did. And I will continue to counter all such vitriol, because fiction belongs on the bookshelf, not in our political debate.

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