Saturday, March 17, 2012

What it means to be R.A.C.I.S.T.

Rick's Army Condemning Indecency Somewhere Tawdry
Republicans Advocating Calling Issues Socialist Tripe
Regardless Any Coverup, Is Sans Tact
Regards All Commentary In Socialist Terms
Reagan Always Called It Something Tasteful
Rape: Ayn Calls It Sexy Time
Regretful A Chicago Interracial Signs Things
Rich Asses Committed In Stalling Taxes
Reprehensibly Amoral Cretins Irrationally Scared Together
Redneck Armies Cowering Inside Shacks Toothless
Recipients' Aid Covers Ironic Socialist Talk
Roaring Angry Charlatans Indiscriminately Screaming Threats
Robotically Afraid Change Is Something Terrible
Rightfully Awkward Concept Involves Segregating Thoroughly
Robocalls Aimlessly Conducted In Southern Towns
Retrograde Americans Conveniently Ignoring Shifting Times
Revenue Accumulation Cuts Incite Skinflint Tendencies
Regular Alienation Creates Ignorance, Severs Ties
Rank Airheads Converge, Incessantly Slight Turbans
Rare Any Conditioned Idiot Seeks Therapy
Reversing Asinine Congenital Inbreeding Seems Tough
Right-Aligned Crass, Insane, Stingy Thought
Rotting American City Infrastructure? Slander Thugs!
Radio Airtime Calls Inject Stupid Tirades
Rights Are Civil; Ingrates Snub Tolerance
Really, A Cracker Is Shamefully Transparent


Anonymous said...

Seriously LOL'd at
"Rape: Ayn Calls It Sexy Time"

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Not Right About Anything" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.