Saturday, March 31, 2012

(Third in the Conservative Teen Takedown series)
• Having Michael Reagan writing an article about Ronald Reagan’s legacy is the very definition of journalistic integrity.

• Having Michael Reagan answer the article’s headline with an emphatic no in the first paragraph makes the headline’s approach seem tabloid-like. Which in turn doesn’t provide much of an incentive to keep reading.

• Pitching Reagan as a friend to African-Americans deserves a counter opinion from Archbishop Desmond Tutu from the 1980s: “Your president is the pits as far as blacks are concerned.”

• The statistics cited are as complete as a blind man’s mental picture of an elephant, which is to say he’s only grabbed some of the ass.

• The only reason to point out Joseph Perkins’ race is to trivialize it. Classic Herman Cain Syndrome at work: we’re supposed to like the guy just because he’s black, even though his views are repellent and his stats flawed.

• Reagan’s 1977 CPAC speech would be booed off stage today. And there’s no proof that he heeded its content even in 1980.

• Apparently the opposite of living as a conservative is to want to fail, live under tyranny and to have weak, broken families. Who defines this shit?

• The heart-warming anecdote near the jump almost works ... but the two black teammates still had to sleep separately, 15 miles from the rest of the team. Yay? (Also, consider that Reagan grew up liberal and shifted politics later in life. Is it possible he repudiated everything he supposedly learned from his “color-blind” parents?)

• I won’t say anything about the relevance of this article to teens, because there isn’t any.

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