Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A moot point about Rush

Sometimes people wonder if Rush Limbaugh isn’t, in fact, a fake.

There’s evidence for that, such as that he didn’t register to vote until his mid-30s. And his liberal cousin Julie once said that his radio persona is a caricature. And of course, the big bucks in radio come from conservative pockets, so it could be a successful case of knowing one’s audience.

But I kind of hope he’s genuine. Because if he’s simply being a first-rate satirist, no one seems to be getting the joke. And after 20 years, he’s become the disingenuous article. I don’t see how even the most committed provocateur could last that long and amass such a following without having a crisis of conscience.

“Well, it’s working for him, isn’t it?”

Indeed it is. Which opens up the possibility that even if he was making fun of conservative blowhards, he’s decided that the profit train is too good to derail with any comeuppance. Which would make him exactly what he was pretending to be.

So regardless of whether Rush parlayed his true conservative leanings into his media empire, or is just pulling a domestic Borat on us, the result is pretty much the same.

A joke.

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