Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For God's sake...

Seen on The Looking Spoon along with other terrible things
Stop trying to soften Trayvon Martin's murder!!

Even if school suspensions over allegedly having empty drug paraphernalia and adorable faux-thug photos made Trayvon a bad guy ... even if every detail of George Zimmerman's attack story was true ... even if the media truly had a unified agenda to bring down a brave vigilante ... even if race was absolutely not a factor in the incident ... even if Zimmerman isn't an unrepentant assailant 100 percent of the time ...

The fact remains that a neighborhood watchman with no law enforcement authority followed and provoked a boy he deemed suspicious based on his outfit, disobeyed official orders to leave him alone and shot him to death. And the shooter is still free, because an insane Florida law all but condoned it.

This is a terrible tragedy and injustice, and every attempt to mitigate it is stupid and/or racist. And if you doubt that, how does this look?

I don't recall anybody making this point back then. I wonder why.

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