Monday, February 27, 2012

Show me the Romney

When I think of Mitt Romney, I'm reminded of a great line George Bush said to Ross Perot during the 1992 debates:

"If you can't stand the heat, why don't you buy an air-conditioning company?"

Romney, in my view, is the best candidate the Republicans have. He won't win, because he's barely winning GOP hearts. But that's why he's perfect. Because the party is not about heart; it's about cold-hearted capitalism. Romney's business success was in purchasing and liquidating ailing firms. 

The Republicans are running on the basis that America needs unfettered commerce to right its ship, and that a tested CEO needs to hold the reins. That won't make him popular with non-corporate types and he'll never command Obama levels of adoration, but that's fine. Those people are leeches anyway.

Mitt is the strain of rich person who has never needed to understand a common American's life, and never succeeds in pretending that he does. He should stop trying and embrace his pedigree, because the GOP's true target audience — other Mitts — would love that. And given that so much Republican support comes from struggling Americans who are dying to be in the 1 percent, Mitt should just highlight the contrast: "Hello, Average Joes. I do not pretend to understand you. But that's because I live in a completely different world. A world of SUCCESS! And you can be here too if you jump on board! It's neat! If elected, I promise a maid on every boat! Don't know what that means? You WILL! But only if you work harder and we end all taxes and overthrow the welfare queens who are keeping you down. Romney-Lynch 2012!"

I'm just saying, know your audience.

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