Friday, February 10, 2012

More fish-barreling

Here's another thing garnering likes all over the Zuckernet:

Let's pretend, for the sake of discussion, that this comparison isn't patently ridiculous.

I'm going to start small by addressing pro athletes' salaries. With a few outlying exceptions, I don't think they're overpaid. When you break down a pro athlete's regimen, balance the physical and mental risks involved and consider the relatively short span of most careers, the money is really not that great for the average player. They do far, far more than "throw a ball" — if anything, the preparation they put into their jobs matches just about any other profession you can name. And they're doing it with intense public scrutiny and pressure. There's also the issue of where that money comes from — it comes from us. Tickets, concessions, merchandising, advertising, TV revenue ... that's your free market at work. The teams have money to spend because we give it to them.

It could be this way with our soldiers too. No, none of them are going to make millions, but there's enough money in America to at least pay them much better wages. The problem is that, just like with pro athletes, we don't seem to realize that we pay soldiers' salaries. But as taxpayers, we do. So those of you who scream, "AMEN!" when you see this graphic, point that finger at yourself. Do you insist on lower taxes? Do you want more of your money back so you can spend it on sports (or whatever) while infrastructure collapses all around you? If so, then you really shouldn't complain about how we're shafting our soldiers. That goes double if you support dubious wars of aggression charged on credit.

One of these days, we'll have to snap out of the notion that cutting tax revenue is the only virtuous course of action in America. We get more than what we pay for from our soldiers, but that shouldn't be a point of pride; we should pay them what they deserve. And we do that by shuffling our national priorities, not by dissing Eli Manning. 

What are Republicans always saying about punishing success and overprivileged government employees? Yeah, I thought so.

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Christine said...

Could not agree with you sick of seeing this pic...