Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another one ripe for bust

Here in Second Amendment Land, we love our guns. We love them so much that we apply different standards to them than to anything else. No one ever says, "Drugs don't kill people; taking drugs kills people," "Unsafe toys don't kill kids; kids kill themselves" or, "Nuclear weapons don't kill people; people kill people." Nope, in a nation of childproof caps, 10-minute pre-flight safety spiels and advisements of viewer discretion, loaded firearms are the benevolent and angelic exceptions. It's us, you see! We're the problem! We make guns dangerous! Maybe the guns should control us!

Funny thing is, guns only do one thing: shoot holes into stuff. Couch it all you want in defense, protection, target practice, liberty, badassery, whatever — the ultimate end purpose of a weapon is to inflict damage. Which is what separates guns from forks, pencils and cars.

You can stab someone with a fork. Or you can eat healthy food with it.

You can make a shank out of a pencil. Or you can write a check to charity with it.

You can kill someone with a car while driving drunk. Or you can give a child a ride to school.

You can shoot with a gun. 

There's the difference.


Jennifer K. said...

I just saw this idiotic graphic on a friend's wall and decided to do a google image search on it - that's how I found your blog. Thank you for your intelligent and clever response. I had those same thoughts but couldn't have expressed them as well as you have here.

Ian McGibboney said...

Thank you, Jennifer! I believe that such things deserve a rebuttal, because it's easy to get swept up in such simple sentiments. But what I wrote needs to be said. I'm glad you liked it.