Saturday, September 17, 2011

Status symbols

Facebook has a new feature that looks back on past statuses. While it's a little scary this exists (after all, I have enough record of what I was thinking years ago here), it's nevertheless fascinating — and in my case at least, it's going to get really interesting once another year or two passes.

(Side note: When you click on the status sidebar, you can see the whole comment thread, and in turn who has since defriended you and comments/friends you forgot about.)

Here are some of the more, I won't say compelling, but typical, statuses from years past. Enjoy.
On Sept. 14, 2009, I attempted to buy a new Mac laptop at Best Buy. Not only did the sales kid seem to have a few chromosomes missing, but I was denied credit, which almost never happens. I really did never set foot in that location again, though I've since been back with others in other states. Instead, I saved another $300 in cash and bought one a month later at an independent shop. By a year later, I'd cooled off, but it probably took that long.
From Sept. 12, 2009. You can see how my Best Buy mood had changed in two days. And I'm not sure why I ever bothered posting when I lost a flag football game. Winning was the news.
On 9/9/09, President Obama gave a major speech on health care.  It came at a difficult time for him, and my feed was pretty much a chorus of my liberal friends spelling the end of the world and all but calling for a new election. Though my friend list was growing more diverse and I was laying off on political statuses a bit, I still felt I had to say this. Some people were appreciative. It marked the last time a liberal friend of mine ever called for Obama's head.
From Aug. 29, 2009, the mother of all predictions. Also, something about a dryer.
From Sept. 6. I think it speaks for itself on both counts.
Also from Sept. 9, which is apparently a peak time for statuses year after year. This was the night of the Saints-Vikings rematch, and "Skol Vikings" is a common Minnesota cheer. And again, I don't know why paperwork dreams merit any status. That's like every night for me.
From Sept. 13: Workplace safety cannot be overstressed.

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venessalewis said...

What's sad is that I really didn't need to read this blog....I've seen all of these recently in my right hand column. Facebook has us pegged. :D