Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home just got a little less sweet home

Like most people, I have a life that at times causes me stress. And like most people who are new to a city, I don’t have a whole lot of outlets to channel that stress. For me, one way of doing that is swimming. I’m not a great swimmer, but I love being in the water. No matter how bad I’m feeling, a dip in the pool always hits the spot. And given that fall is rapidly approaching, I go as much as I can while I can. With big deadlines looming and a clear, sunny Wednesday afternoon, I was looking forward to the cool, soothing waters. 

That is, until I got home at 5:30 and read the notice slipped into my door. 

Apparently, some kind of vandalism has occurred. Of course, they don’t tell us what it was so that we can be vigilant of future incidents. No, instead, they’ve announced that effective immediately, they are going to close the pool and fitness center at 6 p.m. sharp every day “for a short period of time.” Oh, and “we apologize for the temporary incovenience.” 

Yeah, sure. The last time I heard something like this was temporary was when the vice principal of my high school insisted that we were going to have to start wearing our IDs on our shirts until no longer needed. It was a broad, misguided fix for a non-problem then and this is now. 

On the other hand, the notice did come with a flier for a $30 health club membership down the street. So there’s that. I wonder if they’ll let me pull that from my rent? Oh, wait, reading the fine print...that rate doesn’t include use of the pool. Facepalm. 

As I’ve said many times before, I hate when good people have to suffer for the bad. It’s a masochistic philosophy and it only teaches the lesson that being good means your behavior has no bearing on how you do or don’t get screwed. I guess I could get over the fact that I, with my work schedule, have effectively been blocked from going to the pool or fitness center five days a week. Though it does piss me off to no end that I’m no longer getting what I pay for through no fault of my own (as is the case with hundreds of others now). 

No, what makes me madder is that this is going to serve no purpose. It pushes people out of the facilities, thus leaving them even more ripe for vandalism. It doesn’t address what we all want to know, which is exactly who did what, when and where — information that might protect us and save us from future damage and danger. Closing the pool and fitness center (which previously opened until 10 p.m. and 24 hours, respectively) is exactly the kind of pointless bullshit I expected in high school, where it’s the administrators' jobs to look busy without having to get dirty digging into the real causes of our problems. I don’t expect it in a place where I pay rent in exchange for a living unit, amenities and the general assurance that the staff will treat these incidents in a fair and mature manner. 

I actually went to the office to ask about it, but they’d left well before typical closing time (which, to their credit, they typically honor). I’ll bet I’m not the only one utterly pissed about this, and they know it. And they’ll hear it from me too. 

God, I hope no one ever breaks into my apartment. I’d be evicted for sure. 

Sorry to rant. But I had to let out this steam somehow. They’re not letting me do it any other way.

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GDad said...

When I was in management, we were taught to deal directly with problems and not take the coward's way out by publicly reiterating the policy in team meetings, or (even more cowardly) via e-mail.

Sounds like the management there needs a refresher course.