Saturday, September 24, 2011

Desperately seeking Superdome

Several years ago, a bill to rename the Louisiana Superdome after late governor John J. McKeithen failed spectacularly. I remember being surprised and somewhat impressed by this, because it seemed like one of those rare instances of good sense. McKeithen supposedly didn't ever want his name to overshadow the arena he helped build, and it bucked the common convention that a stadium's name is as interchangeable as the ad space in between closing program notes of the local news.

Well, so much for that stand. A much worse prospect looms now, because apparently the Superdome's name is up for rent to corporations. Great. This is the worst trend in sports, counting steroids. Naming or renaming a stadium in memoriam of an integral person is one thing; selling it to highest bidder is another plane entirely. It's not only naked greed, it's streaker greed. I realize that's an affront to the overcapitalized world we live in, where every timeout and trip to the red zone has a corporate sponsor. But as awkward as those sponsorships are, I can live with them. Sponsor signs in the Superdome? OK by me, especially since fans can also brandish signs of their own. But I draw the line here. No arena should be named anything not related to the sport, team or city. At the very least, the name shouldn't exude an air of, "This space is for rent and we aren't picky about who pays for it." Will anyone ever get misty-eyed over youthful memories of watching their heroes at First Bank Auto Parts Arena? Or was it Stadium that year?

That's why I'm here to help my pals at the Louisiana Superdome get the most for their desperately sought dollar while sort of preserving the legacy of one of professional sports' few remaining arenas with any integrity to its name. I don't seek compensation for my efforts; I'm all about the love of the game.

Luzianne Superdome

Lou-Ana Superdome

Super Valu Dome

Facebook Superdome

Campbell's Chunky Souperdome

The Black and Goldline Superdome


Louisiana Hot Sauce Superdome

The Deuce McAllister Nissan Dome (stolen from @skooks, but too good not to list)

The Albert Connell LifeLock Superdome

Hubig's Superdome Pie

Café Dome Monde

Super 8 Dome and Motel

Da Bobby Hebert Supadome, Yeah

The Marc Morial Memorial Superdome

Delhomme Funeral Superhome

The Every Artist in Jackson Square Pooled Their Money to Buy Naming Rights For a Few Minutes Superdome

Jax Beer Tulane Stadium

Vicks Formula Super Bowl 44 Champions Square

Louisiana Super-Blitzed-on-Abita Dome

The VooDoome

Louisiana Corruptdome

The Honda Chevrolet Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio Superdome

And of course, there's always the proud French Quarter tradition of having strippers beckon passersby into the Dome. But that might be too subtle.

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