Thursday, September 29, 2011

Call me, Pauly

Last night, I met a news writer and her friend, who is also a reporter and blogger. They both have interviewed Pauly Shore. As they traded Pauly Shore stories, all I could do was feel like an underachiever.

"So, yeah, I've seen Son-In-Law. And In the Army Now once or twice."

I'm just glad my other friend from the UL Vermilion wasn't there. He interviewed him too.

Am I the only one who hasn't?

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venessalewis said...

Does Pauly Shore just call up media people and say hey....I'm totally available for an interview, like, whenever? Yeah, I don't think that's gonna make or break your career pal. Now, interview someone from JERSEY Shore....THAT would be something. (Kidding).