Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking me to school

I miss the first day of school. Not going to school, so much, but having something to look forward to like that.

Starting a new year tanned, rested and ready, with new clothes and fresh supplies — not to mention the chance to meet potentially hundreds of new people with whom you automatically share at least something in common — well, I always dug that. Oh, and learning new stuff, starting a new football season, showing people how much you've grown and matured over the summer. Yeah! Even in years I hated school, that was still among my favorite times of year. Summer vacation's pretty awesome too.

Nothing even remotely compares to that anymore. I guess that's just how life is. You have to look forward because you can't go back.

Still, I wish adult life was more like school. The supportive environment. The regular milestones and benchmarks. The personal growth. Some people can't wait to break out of that. I discovered once I was out how much that had kept me going.

No wonder I wanted to be a pro athlete when I was younger. There was something alluring about having a career that could be summed up in statistics on a card. If nothing else, it reminded people that you were there.

And I'm still here. Ready for another semester in life. Bring it.

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