Saturday, August 20, 2011

Preseason halftime gripe

I say this all the time every football season, but it bears repeating.

Pre-emptive warning: I'm aware this is armchair quarterbacking, literally. I'm not out there and I can't get in the heads and bodies of other people. But despite that, or maybe because of it, I feel this way:

If you're going to claw your way to the top (in this case, the NFL) and show the ability and intuition to get there, AT LEAST DO YOUR JOB LIKE YOU WANT IT AND APPRECIATE IT.

My problem with sports was always that I had heart and an intense competitive spirit, but not the ability. So it burns me up to see the Saints defense playing like it is right now against the Texans. Can't they at least transfer my competitiveness to their ability and show some life? SOME?

It's one thing to get beat because your opponent's better than you. But at least go down swinging. Jesus. I'm over here swinging with futility for you.

I miss playing flag football. Can't you tell?

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