Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More awful supergroups

Tool and the Gang

Earth, Wind & Arcade Fire

Talking Radioheads

Fiona Apple and the Commodores

UB Sum 41

Montell Jordin Sparks

Marilyn Hanson

Rebecca Black Sabbath

Twisted Genesister

Lil Wayne Newton


Adele Amitri

Panic at the Culture Club

Flo Rida (featuring Kansas)

The Mighty Mighty Boston

J. Cee-Lo

Butthole Nerf Herders

Fred Savage Garden*

The Rental Cars

Hank “Robbie” Williams

Go-Go Dolls

Brooks & KRS-One

Ashlee & Simpson

Bachman-Tiffany Overdrive


Five for Fighting Ben Folds Five

Traci Lords of Acid


10,000 Doors Down


Alanis Morrissey

The Tuneyardbyrds

The Anka-Setzer Orchestra

Fat Boyz II Men

The Jackson Browne Five

Oran “Juice” Newton

Beck Hansen, Hanson and Jeff Beck

Human Bush League

The Traveling Cranberries

Emerson, Lake and Robert Palmer

Tower of Power Station

Neil Young MC

Orleans All Saints

Yes-Club 7

Sting and the Scorpions

Archies of Loaf

Amy Winehouse of Pain

* - Yes, I know. 

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