Monday, July 04, 2011

A trophy, not atrophy

The last time I found myself with a new job and the move that accompanied it, I let this blog go to pot. I'm determined not to let that happen this time.

I'm generally someone who writes more out of compulsion than anything else. I always have a lot to say and this has long been a release for me. Prior and concurrent to this blog, I had other ways to express myself in ways that keep me from being the guy at the party who everyone avoids.

Still, you can’t be any kind of interesting blogger if you don’t have something to write about. And sometimes living your life gets in the way of writing about it. This is one of those times, I guess. I’ll keep that in mind and do my best. Not out of obligation, but out of compulsion.

So I hereby promise not to let any busy and fulfilling life get in the way of my nonprofit online indulgence. Priorities.

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