Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea goggles

With all of this debt-ceiling talk, I'm wondering what routine government spending decision will be the new sudden bugaboo in the coming years.

My guess? Spending on our wars. It's the most obvious example of something nobody even thinks twice about extending, an allocation that has been renewed umpteen times and could arguably be said to be the deciding factor in the continued operation of this country. Kind of like the debt ceiling was for decades before it became the be-all, end-all of our national malaise. And infrastructure and social spending before that. And Social Security before that.

And yes, I'm taking into account that Republicans are all about virtually unchecked military spending. But if their recent tea party-driven austerity moves have proven anything, it's that no stance is too sacred or ridiculous. If they can punt Bush's overseas operations to Obama and insist they're his problem now, and demonize programs that they once supported, then it makes sense that they could eventually target military spending.

As long as it isn't higher taxes on the obscenely wealthy. That'll never change.

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