Monday, July 18, 2011

Putting the "boo-boo" in "nanny nanny boo boo"

It may not be smart for Steelers linebacker James Harrison to call NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a crook and a devil, but it's better than Jerry Kramer calling Drew Brees an idiot.

After all, Roger Goodell actually is the devil. No, not really. But he is a controversial figure through his direct decisions. Harrison’s not doing himself or his fellow commish critics any favors with his choice of words, granted, but let’s not pretend those criticisms don’t exist on some appropriate level.

Kramer, on the other hand, has no grounds for calling Brees an idiot. Look, I don’t agree with everything Brees says; indeed, I’d peg the consciously apolitical quarterback as center-right on most issues. And I’m not one for value judgments, be it the conservative yarn about how we shouldn’t raise the minimum wage because it’s just for teens and dumb adults or that retired NFL players piss away their pensions.

But I might vote for Brees, because I know he’s a smart and solid guy who seems to want to do what’s right. I may not agree with all of his views, but that’s also true of Barack Obama, and everyone else I’ve ever voted for. Also, he’d probably have to run as a Democrat because he represents a union, and Republicans hate unions as much as Saints fans hate the Falcons. Or, more accurately, as much a Saints fan hates a Falcons fan who is wanted on multiple felonies and cracks Hurricane Katrina jokes.

Anyway, Brees is not an idiot — he’s a guy who said something Jerry Kramer didn’t like. That doesn’t make him an idiot. Being an idiot comes with tons of subtleties, something any idiot should know.

Until now, Kramer was known for his famous block in 1967. Now he’s just being a blockhead.

I wrote this whole blog just to use that line. You’re welcome.

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venessalewis said...

Ohhhh.....YEAH you'd vote for Brees. Because you have a total freaking man-crush on him. Now how can you say in the same breath that you peg him as center right and then say you'd probably vote for him. I like the guy enough as a role model and football player, but let's not gt carried away here. I mean, if we are going down this road, Tom Brady is JUST as qualified in AWESOMENESS. :P

Try not to choke on your hot chocolate ok?