Sunday, July 10, 2011

A public declaration

I am currently using a wireless Microsoft mouse. It is pink. Many people have asked me about this. And you know, it does say something about me.

That I own at least one thing that isn't Saints.
It says that the trackpad on my laptop continues to malfunction despite professional repairs. And the wired Apple mouse I used as my first backup broke. And that my mom had a wireless mouse lying around that she wasn't using, and it hasn't failed yet.

Just like the pink Wii remote I recently inherited. It's better on batteries than the white one. If my car was pink, I doubt I'd ever have to get gas.

Life likes to laugh at me sometimes.

1 comment:

venessalewis said...

If your car was pink, it would mean that you sold a hell of a lot of Mary Kay. ;)

hehehe....bah, you sport that pink. It's hot. Or, you could just tell people you are just REALLY aware of breast cancer. Yep, that's it.