Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yielding the floor to the unyielding

Sometimes headlines go above and beyond to grab you.

Earth to the Left: Obama Is Into You is one of those headlines.

Michael Grunwald makes a better case than I ever could about why President Obama is not the shameless, disappointing sellout that many on the left make him out to be. He refers to such vociferous critics as "disillusionment addicts," a term so apt it makes me want to quit blogging.

And because I no longer have it in me today, I've enlisted a guest blogger to expound upon the topic. He's only too happy to do so. Meet Cort Rory, a fixture at Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, as well as various parties where he just goes off, man.

Obama is the worst president in the history of ever

By Cort Rory
Not a sheeple

In the future, when historians revive talk about the worst presidents ever, Barack Obama will unanimously rocket to the top of that list. Or should I say, bottom?

Hell, you could say that right now. Obama’s only been president for a little over two years, and already he’s failed to accomplish everything he said he’d do in his first term. How lame is that?

I’ll tell you what else is lame — a politician not keeping all of his campaign promises. I was really thunderstruck by that one. And it’s not like Obama promised a whole lot either; he vowed to fix the worst economy since the Great Depression and promised a new approach to multiple quagmires in the Middle East. And yet, we’re still struggling. Why? He’s the president, the most powerful man in the world! All he has to do is say the word! We all know how amazingly he spoke on the campaign trail. Where did that magic go?

What sets Obama apart is that, unlike with George W. Bush, Richard Nixon and James Buchanan, I actually held some hopes for Obama. He campaigned on “hope” and “change,” which made me think that he and I were on the same wavelength. And not just in the broad terms meant to appeal to millions of Americans with different hopes and dreams, but to my specific political wish list. So as you can imagine, it’s devastated me that Obama has reneged on the promises that I knew in my heart he intended to fulfill.

For example, Obama said he intended to escalate in Afghanistan, but I knew that was political posturing. After all, I supported Obama, and I was in favor of full withdrawal from both Afghanistan and Iraq. So imagine my disappointment when Obama assumed office and escalated in Afghanistan. Knock knock! Who ordered a third Bush term? And don’t even get me started on Osama bin Laden! When they smoked him out of his hole, I could only think of Cowboy Bush’s “dead or alive” schtick. And now I hear we’re drawing down in Afghanistan, just like we did in Iraq? Simply a desperate, election-year tactic. Even his victories are losses, because he insists on compromising to get votes in Congress. It’s a miracle he has a single accomplishment to his name! With such wishy-washy leadership, Obama might as well concede to the Republicans right this minute.

Hell, I’m thinking of voting Republican this time around. Me! I defy you to find someone who hated George W. Bush more than I did throughout the past decade. It was during his term that I really began to lose faith in my country. In fact, it’s hard to even imagine life before January 2001 anymore. Can anyone? All I remember nowadays is the anger and disillusionment that has raged endlessly since then. And I’m fully aware of who is to blame.

And yet, the Republicans look more attractive with each case of Obama letting me down. Yes, they’re reprehensible leviathans who equate greed with patriotism and pretty much care only about rich white people, but at least with them, you know what you’re getting. If they turn this great nation upside-down and reduce its national pulse to a mere ebb, that’s at least in line with their extremist agenda. And there’s a twisted integrity to that. With Obama, as with most Democrats, you hope he’ll govern from a hard-left perspective and he doesn’t. And even when times turn out better, as tends to happen under Democratic administrations, it’s still disappointing. And I’d rather be angry than disappointed.

Obama was our best hope for a Kucinichian president. Sure, he often campaigned as a pragmatic centrist, but sometimes you have to play the game. The United States of America is a huge country, with 300 million diverse people. No matter what a president does, he’s bound to piss off a huge chunk of the electorate at any given moment. So why antagonize the people who elected you?

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