Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trackpad travails

I just got my laptop back from the local Apple store. The trackpad had not been working consistently for months, so I'm excited that it's working better now and I don't have to tote around a borrowed pink mouse anymore.

When I walked to the desk, I saw that my machine was on, with the web browser tuned to this blog. I always feel weird when I go to a public place (or, in one case, a job interview) and see Not Right About Anything on the screen. On top of that, it occurred to me that my most recent blog at that point was how I didn't expect my computer to be held over as long as it had been. Then I noticed that my desktop background had been changed to the default image. I put 2 and 2 and lots of other twos together in a paranoia-fueled train of thought. Silly rabbit.

I asked the guy about the desktop image and if everything was OK, and he said that should be the only thing that changed. "Whatever home site you had on there is still there," he said. I didn't know whether to feel reassured or miffed. "Whatever home site?" Actually, I kind of like that.

So anyway, my trackpad is working again and everything is right with the world again. And by world, I mean my laptop. The world is still a pretty jacked-up place. So if you're reading this, Apple Orchard people, you're awesome! Thank you for the prompt service. I'll be sure to visit for Mac merch if I ever have money again.

The Whatever Home Site Guy


venessalewis said...

I was totally wondering about that pink mouse, but didn't have the heart to ask.

Ian McGibboney said...

Oh, ha ha...

At first I had a white Apple mouse, but I broke it after dropping it on a tiled floor. The pink Microsoft mouse is my mom's. Both were too bulky for my ever-portable lifestyle, but I'm glad they were there when I needed them. And that I don't need them anymore.

Kelli said...

Pink mouse versus Thierry Henry's red card?