Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun father facts

• I have a dad. People say I look like him. The devil you say.

• When I was very little, I thought my dad's name was literally "Daddy." I understood that dads have real first names, like Jim, and Daddy just happened to be his.

• My middle name is his first name, Paul. It was also his mom’s middle name.

• I once knew a guy whose parents were professors of art history, with concentrations in French and 20th century movements respectively. His first word was “Dada.”

• That was a joke.

• According to my baby book, my first word was “dada.” It was also my sister’s, which I heard. Hers was more like, “dadadadadada,” so I’ve been skeptical of that milestone ever since.

• In Italian, Pope translates into Il Papa, or “The Father.” But the pope is not supposed to be a father.

• On Father’s Day 1990, we had a big family party. Early in the day, I made a mistake in adjusting my bike chain and it slipped off the sprockets all afternoon. My brother, cousins and I tried and failed to properly set it, and I finally got an uncle later in the day to repair it. At the time, I called it “The worst day of my life.” It’s since been supplanted.

• I wonder if the kids of an NBA or track star ever called their father “Daddy Longlegs.” I totally would.

• In 2006, I got confused and sent my dad a Father’s Day present in July. He said that I had given him something the previous month. I was in Utah at the time, so I blame Mountain Time.

• No one calls me daddy. Not in that context, anyway.

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