Sunday, May 01, 2011

Some immediate thoughts

I am happy about the news that Osama bin Laden is dead and in U.S. custody.

I'm not happy because he's dead. In fact, I wish he was alive. But I also realize that we probably would never taken him alive, and even if we did, a mob or a passionate individual might have finished the job.

I'm also not happy because I think this will end terrorism, because it won't. In certain ways, it might agitate some elements. 

Nor am I happy because it happened under President Obama's watch as opposed to Bush's.

I am happy because Osama bin Laden can no longer make the world a worse place. It's a bit of good news amid much uncertainty. And I don't think it needs any political or primal dressing to have impact.


Bethany said...

I am glad that we finally made good on a promise not to rest until we ended his reign (life). I am worried that it is much easier to kill a man than an entire ideology. - Bethany

bl said...

But someone else will make the world a worse place.

Your status reminds me of a thought I once had after a discussion on genetic engineering: if we reach a point in the future when our bodies no longer fail us, other people still will.

Ktownrocks said...

It has always been hard for me to grasp that only one person could be responsible for such destruction. How can I possibly believe that the death of one individual will make a difference in the overall war on terrorism? I am happy that we have finally been able to catch someone who has evaded our forces for so many years, but what about his second in command, his cousin, or his best friend from primary school? There will always be someone ready to step into his shoes. Its a never ending cycle. So what happens next?

venessalewis said...

Sorry, but I'm going with happy on 1 and 3. Especially 3. Fuck yes. And that's ok.

venessalewis said...

To clarify: happy that it is on Obama's watch by GOD! that is all.