Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Snap Shot

So the Obama administration has announced that it will not be releasing photos of Osama bin Laden dead.

If I were to shoot a video of my response, it would take the form of a 1980s Frosted Mini-Wheats ad:

"The journalist in me believes that all non-classified photographs have a right to be seen so that the public can see the true cost of war and have incontrovertible proof that the world's most wanted man is, in fact, dead.

"But the political strategist in me understands that such a photograph could attain viral status and leave the world with the impression that American citizens are a morbid, bloodthirsty lot, further undermining our security and damaging our reputation worldwide."

I still lean toward releasing the photos, because I favor an open, accurate representation of events. But I can understand the thinking behind the decision.

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