Tuesday, May 31, 2011

She Am America (And Soakin' You!)

Title immortalized by Stephen Colbert, with all irony removed? Check!

Pretty young white woman as arbiter of culture and truth? Check!

Setup that seems satirical but is played straight? Check!

Lyrics that are hyper-defensive from the get-go? Check!

And can’t decide if we’re one or fighting with each other? Check!

And think that “tolerant” people shold be tolerant of intolerance? Check!

And lecture unspecified people for abusing the system? Check!

A system that she decries in the first place? Check!

Kids holding up placards because they’re the future? Check!

Prominently displayed, and misspelled, tea party sign? Check!

Krista Branch, you are now cleared for liftoff.

My offer still stands.

1 comment:

venessalewis said...

Who the f*ck is this? Todd Palin's mistress?