Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mom sure timed this one right

In honor of today being both Mother’s Day and my 31st birthday, here’s a relevant slice of Bloom County:

My birthday falls on Mother’s Day every few years. In my lifetime, it’s happened in 1983, 1988, 1994, 2005 and 2011. In both 1988 (my golden birthday) and 1994, my family threw parties — but they were Mother’s Day parties where I got (and gave) presents, and the guests were family, not friends. Combine that with my brother getting presents on some of my earliest birthdays — and my never celebrating later birthdays on account of finals and/or conference track meets — and there’s hardly ever been a year when it was all about me. Thanks, Mom!

I kid, of course. I’m humble, not greedy. Without mom, I wouldn’t be here. Thanks, Mom! Love ya.

As a small child, I often envisioned what I would look like when I was older. Glasses were a must, because my grandfather wore them and I wanted to be him. I also figured I’d wear a suit and tie. Basically, I’d be Clark Kent in Superman III, played by Christopher Reeve, then 31.

And I'd be striking this pose a lot.
Well, at least I got the mild-mannered journalist part right. And the curl.

A few more random notes about my Pierson Prioleau birthday:

• Perk of being 31: No one cards you anymore, because that was three driver’s licenses ago. (Side note: All of my driver’s licenses have been horizontal. I was 22 when Louisiana unveiled the vertical one for minors. Yep, 9/11 changed everything. Poor kids.)

• Six years ago, I dated a 31-year-old woman. I used to brag about it. Next time it happens, I’ll be bragging for the opposite reason.

• College girls often tell me I look 25. Which means I’m still too old for them, but slightly less so.

• I am now the age my mom was on Nov. 6, 1984. I remember Nov. 6, 1984.

• I’m older than many of my sports heroes (but not Pierson Prioleau).

• My “baby” sister is 21. Old baby.

• People call me “young whippersnapper,” but ironically now.

Just as I began this blog with a timely image, I shall end it the same way:



Nick Istre said...

Hah, Happy 31st, man. That makes you one year older than me for... exactly one month. So maybe I should just call you "old man" or something... Anyways, have a good birthday!

So, we're supposed to be doing the whole growing up thing by now? I'm supposed to stop playing video games and watching crappy cartoons by now, right? I guess I should get my hair cut and stop being a hippy or something too...

Keep in touch. Some things are working through the pipes right now, and hopefully things will be going well us afterwards.

Guess I should call my mum and do the whole Happy Mother's Day too. Frankly, I should be saying "thanks mom, I love you" everyday anyways, not on some stupid day.

Then after that, I'll be popping heads off of zombies...

venessalewis said...

Haha! Loved the comic. I got carded....twice...Saturday. I was so goddamn happy. It CAN still happen in your 30's.