Thursday, May 05, 2011

Getting better

I love the "It Gets Better" and "Knock It Off" campaigns against gay prejudice. "It Gets Better," in particular, could apply to any kind of bullying inflicted on children who don't yet understand that their current situation will not define their entire lives. But it's especially relevant for young gays and lesbians in the age of cyberbullying.

The scope of homophobic-themed bullying in America is incredible. And it's way past time we did something about it. I like these and similar campaigns because they address the issue on two fronts: comforting the victims and confronting the aggressors. And they do it with authority and in a memorable way.

The spot below might yet be my favorite. It's an ad for Google Chrome, but only in a technical sense. I especially like the cartoon cameo.

To my young gay friends (and anyone else feeling torment), it gets better.

Let's all be better.


Jenni said...

Any person who can make Rick Santorum's life hell just by creating a definition for his last name (the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex) is a hero.

But honestly, Savage is a role model for LGBT youth by starting the "It Gets Better" movement. Life does get better, you just have to wait and wade through the crap to find out how good things can be. But I think that message can apply to all elements of life, not just coming out of the closet.

venessalewis said...

This is so poignant it gives me chills. Great creativity on Google's part for an ad campaign, but the message is beautiful.