Friday, May 06, 2011

A blogger's Frogger dream

I woke up this morning answering questions out loud that my dad was yelling from another room in my dream. In the dream, I realized after the first question that I was dreaming, and felt relieved that I didn't have to go find the answer. But he kept asking other questions, and his voice grew more and more realistic with each utterance. Finally, I said something apparently along the lines of, "Baltimore Ravens." And then I was awake. 

After falling back asleep, I dreamed that I was crossing a major boulevard in Lafayette on foot. It has a pedestrian tunnel, but for some reason I didn't take it. I managed to dodge unusually heavy traffic across the first three lanes and median, but then tripped and fell across the last lane. In the distance, a black car was bearing down on me. I had plenty of time to roll over onto the sidewalk, let alone regain my footing and run, but for some reason I couldn't do it. Or wouldn't. It was as if I was paralyzed. I managed to grasp the sidewalk with my hands, but the rest of my body was just too weak to get out of the way. I looked up and gasped as I saw my startled face in the reflection of the bumper. Just in time, I snapped awake again.

Once I was awake, my sister began yelling questions about grammar to me. And after leaving the house to meet a friend, I saw an SUV roll out of its parking space and smack another SUV.

This never happens when I dream about being famous.

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