Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No wonder I sleep so deep these days

Last night, I dreamed something that probably made me laugh out the time.

Newspapers don't generally do April Fool's Day, but I dreamt that I had gotten a job with one that did (retroactively, apparently). Their idea was to run the front page of the April 1, 2001 edition as the front page 10 years later. The idea was that it was subtle enough of a joke to fly right past most readers, even if they examined the date. We were howling with laughter in the dream, and I resolved that, when I woke up, I'd put this idea on my blog (it was one of those self-aware dreams). 

Then I woke up and realized that not only was it not that funny, but it would probably tell us more than we'd want to know about our readership. And, given that the 2001 paper would be too large to fit on today's smaller print pages, it would also remind us of the industry's decline. Not to mention our decline in general.

Oh well. Still better than most of my romantic dreams.

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