Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Rules

Rule #171: Contrary to popular beef
President Obama is not President Kucinich with a unanimous Congress behind him. Much liberal criticism of Obama seems to suggest that he is. And it's tiring. There's enough to gripe about, I think, without throwing things Obama hasn't fixed yet and/or measures that politics have made complicated into the mix. To say nothing of promises that others projected upon Obama (drawing down in Afghanistan, for example).

Among the numerous terrible things that George W. Bush left us is the idea that the president has complete ideological autonomy. Remember how we hated that back then? Well, we don't have it and shouldn't want it now. And we certainly shouldn't give up on the president, just because we might not like every move that's happened under him. The responsibility doesn't just lie with Obama; it lies with us as well. If we believe in progressive change, we need to send more liberal Democrats to Congress in 2012, along with Obama back to the White House. That, more than contrarianism / spoiler talk / staying at home, is our best hope.

Yes, we're not getting 100 percent of what we want, but neither are we getting zero, which is what the tea party-led Republicans promise us. And that wouldn't be any different under a President Kucinich (in fact, it might be worse). So stop fretting that the grass would be greener and try watering what we've got, lest others turn it into a parking lot.

Rule #172: It's like this, chat
When you're wrapping up chatting with someone on Facebook, no matter how ungodly the hour, someone else will always sprout up. And this will happen a minimum of three times.

All the rules

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