Sunday, April 03, 2011

My train of thought while writing just now

Until 2001, the state of Louisiana issued April license plate stickers for both April and May. As someone born in May, a license plate collector and an OCD completist, this always bugged me. Why did they do that?

Speaking of "they"... Once in my Head Start class, I was coloring something as part of an assignment and the teacher said something like, "color inside the lines they put there." And I thought, "Who is 'they' and why do 'they' get to decide where I can color?" Yes, I've always been like this.

They (one of the "theys") say that April showers bring May flowers. Now I'm not up on the adult-film genre, but "April Showers" sounds like it could be a pretty steamy porn. To say nothing of the inevitable sequel, "May Flowers." Or perhaps, "May's Flower."

I always wanted to date a girl named after a month. At least until I met June.

January Jones. That's her real name. It's amazing that she's in "Mad Men" and not in, well, a different version of "Mad Men."

Speaking of "mad men"... check out this screen capture from a site selling tea party T-shirts. I don't remember the site or the particular shirt, other than that it was horrible even by extremist right-wing standards. I won't judge the demographics of this particular fringe group, even if they appear to skew toward older, fatter white people with tacky fashion sense. That's what this cap is for:

Many years ago, before a media law class in college, one of my classmates asked excitedly, "Did you hear G. Gordon Liddy yesterday?" No. The answer to that question is always no.

I could write a whole blog on questions to which the answer is always no. I could probably fuse it seamlessly into a retelling of every political discussion I've ever had in the state of Louisiana.

And to bring this blog entry full circle, a question for the Louisiana DMV: why are the year numbers on the validation stickers flatter and wider now? Is it related to the obesity epidemic?

Mmm...April Showers....

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