Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fair and balanced hatred

For the brief time that I posted my last blog on Daily Kos, it got an overwhelmingly negative response. But that’s not why I wound up deleting it over there.

I almost never delete anything once I’ve written it. I only did that one time on this blog, several years ago. That deletion was done in a moment of fury after I let a troll get to me, but more level heads convinced me to republish it a few hours later. That aberration aside, I stand by my work, even if I change my mind over time. They’re my words and I’m happy to be accountable for them.

And frankly, I expected static over at Kos. It’s not cool to suggest that you’re with Obama (or, seemingly, with anyone, ever), or even to suggest he’ll win in a piece largely absent of personal preferences. That all-woe-all-the-time attitude seems to be the line at most liberal-leaning websites, which is why I’m not a fixture at any of them.

What I didn’t expect was that my disliking of a couple of comments was going to cause such a shitstorm. That’s my fault, I guess. I should have known the Kos protocol (though in my defense, I’ve never used that feature on a site with limits). What I didn’t expect was a handful of comments I got that would seem to cancel out any transgression of mine. Here's the one that started it all:

It seems the troll wouldn’t be the writer, but the hostile jerk who dishes it out but can’t take it. (In all fairness, and cut out due to size, was a comment underneath that said, "As are retaliatory HRs.")

Then there was this, where someone had taken exception to my dislike of unproductive, critical comments (like their first snide comment):

Really? No excuse? I have “no excuse” to not wear a condom. I’ve written five diaries in five years. I never comment on anything, except here when I’m being attacked. Do they know loopholes in the rule, and is that why I alone am being cited? No double standard here!

But yeah, I'm shivering in my shoes over here. Nothing would spell death to my career like not being able to recommend/hide comments on a website.

Don't bother. I know where I'm not welcome. The sad thing is, you think this is my loss.

I post to Daily Kos in an attempt to reach a wider audience. But this being the case, I will no longer do so. I’ve always respected the site, and my past experiences there have been positive. I would never stop posting there because of criticism, but I refuse to bend to a double standard when it comes to comments.

I can be intellectual, funny, angry, sarcastic or snarky when the situation calls for it. If I have to watch what I say to that severe of a degree, especially given the hypocrisy, I’ll go elsewhere. I have plenty of people willing to criticize me for my views without adding a group of hostile liberal rule-grinds to the mix.

And yes, I know I’ve banned a couple of commenters here. But it took WAY more than that (as in, five years of constant personal attacks). And I don’t project the sins of the past onto new commenters. That may be why I blog here, in relative obscurity, as opposed to higher-profile forum. I don’t want a pissing match over site moderation (at least, not for being as tame as I am). If I can’t have a hearty discussion, then at least I can blog on my own terms. And I invite any of those commenters here, assuming they have something to say other than all the ways I’m a terrible person.

And to think, all of this started because I said Obama has the best chance of winning in 2012. Controversy!


Jason said...

That's nuts! I've seen it happen with other people before as well at KOS. In fact there are usually quite a few entries that make the rec list which address this type of crap.

It really sucks too, because there is such a wealth of information and intelligence on the site, but I mean damn!

I may find a couple of those folks and start some crap with them just because this pisses me off.

venessalewis said...

Disgusting. Sorry a few assholes had to knock down your confidence....don't give them that power. It's easy to comment and start shit....much harder to generate thoughtful discussionand have the courage to share it with the world, almost daily, as you do. Their loss, Ian.