Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Brain drain

Last night, I had a nightmare that I went into an absolute frenzy of anger and screamed at everyone I know. It wasn't random, either — it was measured, focused rage. And it took everyone completely off guard, including myself, because whatever brought us together was a happy occasion. I woke up relieved that it all had been a dream; at the same time, I wanted to apologize to so many people. The dream was just one of several disturbing visions I had over the 10 hours or so that I slept.

But those dreams had an interesting side effect: I woke up feeling like all my anger, resentment and irritation had drained out of me. That was an unusual feeling, because even on good days, I typically feel like I could tap that frustration if prompted. It's like my brain had done some defragging while I slept, as sometimes happens, but usually that involves making connections in movies I've seen. As far as I can recall, it's the first time my brain has used this force for the greater good.

So I'm sorry if I yelled at you in my dream. It's all bygones now that we're awake.

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venessalewis said...

I actually think I'll be kinda sad if I wasn't in the dream, but curious to know what you yelled at me for if I was. Huh.....funny thing is, my brain could benefit from the same cathartic release right now....I've had some serious anger brewing for the last few days and have been yelling alot in real life, unfortunately.