Thursday, April 28, 2011

Attention non-birthers!

Just like I knew the birthers would not be satisfied with President Obama's long-form birth certificate, I also had a feeling that some liberals would hate the move. And many have registered their disgust across the Internet and elsewhere. 

These critics say that Obama's action is capitulation. That it humors racist people who don't deserve to be humored. That it has led to only more criticism, so why bother?

Yes, why bother? I agree. After yesterday, that is.

As I said yesterday, I thought the release was a shrewd and unexpected move. It specifically addressed the dominant question among birthers, namely, "Where is the long-form birth certificate?" I was pleased with the decision not because I thought Obama owed them the evidence (I didn't), but because he gave them what they claimed they wanted. As a result, the birthers continued to raise questions or, as my friend put it, moved the goalposts. And while I suspected they would should this ever come to pass, it's now plain to the entire world that they did.

Which is why from here on out, Obama should never address the issue again. Everything else after this — nitpicking over names, signatures, boxes checked, leading, kerning, watermarks, paper scrutiny — is conspiracy material. And for Obama to get into that would be ridiculous. He's done way more than he needed to do, gave a quick speech about how it's time to move on and moved on.  

Releasing the birth certificate wasn't capitulation; it was a show of confidence. And it shined a harsher light on the birthers' true motivations than had yet been beamed. It's often said that Obama plays chess. Well, checkmate.

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