Friday, March 04, 2011

You take the good, you take the bad

The pros and cons of my current arrangement:

• No rent to pay
• Nothing to pay rent with

• I have my nights free
• I spend most of them asleep

• Flatscreen TVs and hi-def, premium digital cable
• They’re constantly blaring shows I can’t stand

• Shared wireless Internet
• Shared wireless Internet

• There’s a Wii Fit here
• I used to belong to the Y

• There are dogs to play with
• Dogs are loud and stink a lot

• No more work-related stress
• Work-free stress is often worse

I once read an article by a blind writer who said that the scariest thing someone like him encounters is a wide-open space. He likened it to someone with sight closing their eyes and sprinting through an empty field. I feel like that sometimes. But I often do even in the best of circumstances.

Oh well. At least Mardi Gras will soon be upon us.

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