Sunday, March 27, 2011

A tex t'ing

Sometime in my late teens, I decided I hated talking on the telephone, and I still do. I’m not really sure why.

It could be because I find it extremely difficult to do anything else while concentrating on the phone. Or that the lack of visual cues has led to some unintentionally tense conversations. Or that the prevalence of cell phones has radically altered the soundscape to where no one introduces themselves or asks if you have time to talk and you’re expected to always be instantly available. Or maybe it’s all that and more.

Don’t get me wrong; I like the telephone. I have no problem using it to set up appointments or to have short (or even long) conversations with friends, family and colleagues. It’s just that I will always prefer the face-to-face mode of communication.

Texting, on the other hand, is just evil.

Again, I’m not sure why. I love e-mail and Facebook and I chat frequently. As my mom likes to say, I write better than I talk.

My dislike of texting could be that it’s like talking on the phone, minus the good aspects. It could be because my phone is more than four years old, and typing is laborious. Or maybe because every human being I cross has a phone that’s constantly chiming, everywhere I go, every minute of the day. Or that when I’m with actual people in person, they tend to be more interested in their chats than with their actual company (not you, you’re OK). Or maybe it’s all that and more.

Don’t get me wrong; I like texting. No I don’t.

But I still do it. Because in this age, it’s necessary. And sometimes, typing those letters is the only way to be heard.


venessalewis said...
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venessalewis said...

Oh poo on you! Too bad I didn't see this before I texted you today. :P Tell me how you really feel!!!

Ian McGibboney said...

V, you're the exception to every rule!

Blazing Bayou Running said...

I'm with you, Ian. I have always had what I call "phonophobia". I don't like large cocktail parties either. Give me 1-5 good friends, or Facebook (where I can be silly/feel like no one's really listening) or the occasional Tweet (where I know NO one but you is listening) then I'm OK. I used to think I was shy, now I think I'm more antisocial. And texting? It takes me 20 minutes to text a sentence because my fingers hit the wrong keys.