Wednesday, March 02, 2011

License for looks that kill

Yesterday, I got a Louisiana driver's license for the first time in four years. The last one I had was four years old and about to expire when I moved to Missouri, so this new one is actually the first Louisiana license I've acquired in eight years. The passage of time is clearly evident in a side-by-side comparison of the respective photos.

2003                                           2011
• Much like the Earth itself, I'm producing less oil than I used to.
• They've since put an airbrush filter on the DMV camera.
• Nevertheless, the camera always adds 10 pounds of muscle, mostly to my neck.
• I manage to make almost identical facial expressions eight years apart, even though the license in between these looked completely different. Must be a state thing.
• I used to do way better with that digital signature thing. Come 2015, I'll be marking it with a scraggly X (which will look like a T, or a G).
• In 2003, I had a bad haircut. In 2011, I don't have a haircut at all.
• In 2003, I'm eager to take on all that the future has to offer. In 2011, I'm happy that all the future's had to offer hasn't scarred me on the outside as much as it has on the inside.
• I'm on a horse. No I'm not.


Stephanie said...

Ha ha ha -- that's flippin hilarious!! Nice, though, Ian.

My military ID picture looks horrid, but I haven't gotten a new driver's license in Kansas just yet. We'll see when I have to get one of those.

Oh -- and I don't get the "I'm on a horse, no I'm not" comment. Do tell. :)

Ian McGibboney said...

The horse comment is a takeoff on this Old Spice ad.

Mustang Bobby said...

You want an obscure cultural reference? Okay; based on those two photos, I'd say that somewhere there's a picture of you that's going to hell, Dorian. :)