Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ill-fitting elements (and a pretty picture)

The snow is blowing hard right now. It's the most I've ever seen in my life, quite possibly including in movies.

I don't get to enjoy it/sleep in. I have to work an atypical morning shift in a field that only ups its workload on days when everyone else is happy to do nothing. Yay.

On Saturday, I visited the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City with a friend. I'd never been there before. She took this picture as the sun set, though you can barely see me at all. I guess that's an appropriate metaphor.

It's for the best anyway. Bundling up doesn't flatter me. I'm meant for shorts, a T-shirt, a bike and a pool. I'm lousy at hibernating and wearing enough clothes to hamper my mobility. At least we got some sunshine this weekend. That treasured memory will get me through this week of blizzard fun.

Have a safe day, everybody.

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