Sunday, February 20, 2011


Men Without Hats at Work

Black Flag Peas

George Michael Jackson

Kanye Go West

Pet Shop Boyz II Men

Garth Brooks & Dunn

Big & Rich & Hall & Oates

Ol' Dirty Spice Girls

“Weird Al” Green

Busta Poindexter

Jay-ZZ Top

Phunk Monkeez

Carly Simon Cowell

Pointer Sisters of Mercy

Wilson Phillips Overdrive


Living Colour Prince

Ben Folds Maroon 5ive

Eve Devo

AC/DC Peniston


BLACKstreet Boys


Jars of Clay Aiken

Steve “Katy” Perry


Ludacristopher Kross

P!nk Nashville Pussy

Take That Poison

C-ELO Green

James Taylor Swift

Poco Harum

Def Zeppelin / Led Leppard

Lynyrd Cohen

Dan Halen


Annie Lennstyx

Notorious R.E.M.

Vanilla Ice Cube


Breathe, Weezer

Eartha Bizkitt

Korn Bread

Barenaked Lady Gaga

Red Hot Milli Peppers

Huey Lewis and the Stooges


Kings of Leona Lewis

Cherry Poppin’ Daddy Yankee

98 Inch Nails

Neil Young Cannibals

Jeffersons of Anarchy

LaBelle Biv Devoe


? and the Guess Who

Police Cars

Rage Against the Miami Sound Machine

Grand Funkadelic Railroad

The Young Rascal Flatts

Gerry and the Ace of Basemakers

Sly and the Family Stone Temple Pilots

Perry Keb’ Mo’

Barry White Zombie

Cheap Trick Astley

Talk Talking Heads

Fixx Animals

Fall Out Boy George


Britney Queers

Crosby, Stills, Clash, Wang Chung

Pearl Wham!


oyster said...

I gotta say, this clever list is magisterial in its depth and breadth. I can't pick a favorite.

Daudi said...

I love how your brain works, Ian. Feels kind of like pop culture SMS auto-complete, except it probably took some brain power.

Blazing Bayou Running said...