Saturday, January 08, 2011

What I want to hear from a player after a playoff loss

"I like to win. When did it become bad sportsmanship to feel that way? I play to WIN. I don't play to plaster a fake smile on my face five minutes after the game and say, 'Oh, shucks, maybe next year!' I'm mad because I failed. We lost to the better team tonight. Good for them. Classy organization and they played like they wanted it. But I'm pissed off. Pissed off because I'm passionate about the game, just like our opponents were, but they're the ones who showed it and we didn't. I play to win. It's what I do. It's my passion. I've been playing sports since I could walk. I have a competitive spirit. I didn't get to this level just to act like losing a chance at a championship didn't matter to me the second I walked off the field. I failed today, so excuse me for caring about it. I like to win."

It's probably for the best that I'm not a pro athlete. I have too much intensity.

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