Friday, January 07, 2011

Today in revisionist Saints history

What I learned from an comment:
• Saints fans are "band wagon riding flakes," which grammatically can be taken several different ways, but ultimately means that Saints fans pack the Superdome only in seasons that the Saints post winning records. Prior to 1987, FEMA singlehandedly kept the franchise alive through seat subsidies.  

• In 2006, Saints fans depressed by their team's performance coined the term "Aints" and took the suggestion of local commentator Buddy Diliberto (who was dead by then) to wear paper bags over their heads in shame. By the time the Eagles rolled into town for the playoffs, the Superdome crowd looked like the side of a UPS truck.

• All of a sudden, the Saints won the Super Bowl. Shazam! Like lightning.

• Inspired by the team's John Gilliam-like march to the Lombardi Trophy, Saints fans coin a new cheer, "Who Dat," which catches on so quickly that Aaron Neville rounds up as many 1983 Saints players as he can and cuts a hit record recounting the history of the franchise. True to fact, Neville alludes to the 2006 season, with its "80,000 people all wearing bags."

• Seahawks fans totally support their team all the time, win or lose, playoffs or 7-9 finish. The only reason they were 18th in the league in attendance in 2010, eight slots below the Saints, is because Qwest Field is smaller than the Superdome. I guess.

• The Saints totally clinched a playoff berth only because of a convoluted series of events that led them to an 11-5 record and a No. 5 seed. It's not like they ever had a chance to win the NFC South and the No. 1 conference seed, let alone make the playoffs on their own merits. Their playoff hopes hung by a thread, unlike Seattle's, which won the NFC West last week with a decisive 7-9 record.

• Yes, Tampa Bay had a worse record than New Orleans, even after the Bucs closed the season with a road win over the Saints. But the Bucs just barely missed taking the Saints' playoff slot, under the "points for trying" seed. Fortunately for both Saints and Seahawks fans, that spot went to Seattle.

• When the Seahawks beat the Saints (not if, when), the ever-disappointed bandwagon New Orleans fans will chant, "Who Dat was that just lost to the Hawks?" Maybe an enterprising fan will opt to diagram that chant. Perhaps on the back of a spent banner or a handy paper bag.

Now if you'll excuse me, this "band wagon" Saints fan has a flake to go ride.

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ALM said...

This made me laugh out loud--especially the part about Aaron Neville gathering up all the 1983 Saints players.