Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The State of the Union? You can't say it's inert

I haven't yet watched the State of the Union address, because I was shouldering a rather large workload at the time, and other kinds of work awaited me at home in the hours afterward.

But I do know this: lefty contrarians thought he was selling out his promises once again to the corporatists; New Orleanians thought he betrayed them by not mentioning the oil spill; conservatives thought his compromise isn't really a compromise because it would involve compromise from them; and most people in between thought it was a pretty decent speech.

And, from what I hear, Michele Bachmann can't see straight. But her rhetoric suggested that already.

I did get to watch just long enough to see how strange John Boehner looks in the speaker's chair. And how strange he looks in general. 

Afterward, while editing our newspaper, I did manage to glean some insight onto what was said, and the reactions thereto. And I made the remark to a concurring co-worker that, for some of these politicians, interviews were barely necessary.

Seriously. About the only thing that makes these events interesting in the Obama age is Obama himself, who is a rhetorical giant. You can count on him for flourishes of phrase that, despite the criticism, I think can make a difference. Everything else — partisan reactions, standing ovations, even Obama's policy decisions — are far too predictable. We know the president will call for compromise and that Michele Bachmann and Billy Long will find any way to discredit him as a result. We know that far-left liberals will convey a similar (or perhaps even angrier) strain of hatred because Obama is no different than Bush or something. And libertarians will continue to promote a false equivalency between both parties and urge the dismantling of our current do-nothing government in favor of a do-nothing government that does nothing the way they want nothing to be done. And that's kind of entertaining in its own right.

I'll probably catch the speech anyway.


Anonymous said...

It was a great speech that made a lot of sense to me. Whatever John Boehner's opinion is of Pesident Obama one thing is for sure. John will never forget that Obama made him cry, and on national television. Obama reducing the right to tears? Now that's power.

Anonymous said...

You think Billy Long actually has the brains to discredit this easily discreditable president? To include him in the same sentence as Bachmann is a crime.