Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Less ambitious movies

It's a Twitter meme, but I did it anyway.

Sit By Me
Cannonball Jog
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Tenure
B Team
Easy F
Ignoring Private Ryan
Ace Ventura, Pet Peeve
American Pop-Tart
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Cereal
Bill and Ted's Average Potluck
Dumb, Not Dumber
Falling Asleep (1993 - Michael Douglas)
Field of Naps
Stinging Weapon
Even Less Than Nothing to Lose
Model Planes, Toy Trains and Matchbox Automobiles
Pretty Safe Business
Idling (1994 - Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock)
25 First Dates
Weekend Fill-In Reporter (2004 - Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate)
Civilized House
Cast Aside
Fahrenheit 7-11
Sleep in, Vietnam
Content Gilmore
Tepid Shots!
The Original Archdukes of Comedy
The Yard That Wasn't the Longest
Calm Max
Minor League
Rudy's Waterboy
This Might Be Spinal Tap, Maybe?
Staying in the Same Places (1983 - Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd)
Harold & Kumar Get Stoned and Sit on Their Asses
The Secret of My Sucking (1987 - Michael J. Fox)
Willing to Share (1994 - Kirk Douglas, Michael J. Fox)
There's Nothing About Mary
The Wedding Guest
Reasonable Science
Revenge of the Jocks I-IV

(Note: I just tossed these off by glancing at the videotapes and DVDs on my shelf. I realize others might have come up with some of the same names. If they did, it's a case of great minds thinking alike. Or maybe mediocre minds. Don't want to get too ambitious, after all.)


rob mccallum said...

I started this by accident. Fell asleep and woke up to tidal wave of them! It's gotten mental!

Ian McGibboney said...

You started this whole meme? It's a good one.

Blazing Bayou Running said...

Very good! I have one: Saving Ryan's Privates.

rob mccallum said...

Apparently so. Before it got too far gone, I checked after I was told it was taking off. I was the first. It's been a very odd day because of it.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, Rob, I admire your ability to spark Internet trends. I don't usually get involved with them, but I had fun with this one. How has your day been odd?

Anonymous said...

Someone from the BBC got in touch saying they might do a "bit" on me. Few others got in touch to talk to me, a rash of tshirt links were sent to me, domain names registered by folk- all manner of stuff

I'm not even sure it's something to be proud of! It's worth remarking on but proud! Stunned more like.

Ian McGibboney said...

Well, more power to you, my friend. It's crazy what random ideas get you glory these days.

mychaleg said...

amazing. i had the same concept last month, except i used #downgradedmovies - posted a gripload of them (you won't find any examples unless you actually go to my @mychaleg profile since they are "older tweets"). i go to HuffPo today and wao #lessambitiousmovies is taking the world by storm! long story short, this wasn't the first time it was done, as i'm sure it's probably already been done before me in some fashion. i am glad it wasn't somebody willfully biting my steeze, but it's a bit saddening i didn't get to 'trend' :(

Ian McGibboney said...

I often find that I have ideas, both in my head and on this blog, and I'll see them on The Daily Show. That bugs me, but it also reassures me that great minds think alike.

Less said...

We go so addicted to the whole concept of the Less ambitious movies meme on twitter, that we put up a whole new website to savor, preserver and perpetuate the madness of this wonderful idea.

There are over 400+ titles there already (and more being added every day - by users). You can browse and vote up/down the ones you like/dont like.

And here are some new ones you might enjoy :

XXX Files : I Just Can't Believe
The Devil Wears Me Out
Lawrence Of Suburbia
Tweeting In the Rain
My Fair Weather Lady
The Sound of Muzak
Casino Royale Pain in The...
They Shoot RSS Don't They
American 3.14159