Saturday, January 01, 2011

How my New Year's Day went

I woke up thinking I was so sore from dancing all night, but I was just frozen solid because my heater had snuffed out overnight. That left my thermostat at a toasty 55.

On my way to work, I stopped at the grocery store and used cash at the self-checkout. In my rush, I collected the coin change and forgot about the $10 in the slot by my knees. When I got to work and realized I was out $10, I hightailed it back to the store. By then, of course, it was gone. I asked an attendant if anyone had turned it in. She said she hadn't heard anything, and she smirked as if I was naive for even asking. "Whoever was behind you got it," she said with that reassuring Missouri bluntness. I'm not sure she even believed me.

Then I had a work load that can best be described as brutal, and all the cool breezes in the building didn't help.

After work, I got home to my apartment, which was now 54 degrees.

Oh, well. I'm still sexy.

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