Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Regarding Roman Harper and Sam Bradford

I play flag football every week. When a fresh, young guy outruns the old guy who's been busy kicking your butt all game, it's not a lowlight reel. It's understandable.

Roman Harper was born in 1982. He has some gray hair. He was probably aware that the ball was dead. Some fast, well-playing guy born in 1987 hustled but didn't even touch him. What about that play is so patently ridiculous?

All I know is this: that gray-haired old man is two years younger than me. He needed oxygen after that play. And yet, there's no way I, or anyone else who made fun of him, would even come close to him in that situation.

It's called perspective.


venessalewis said...

A.) What the hell are you talking about and b) If being born in 1982 makes you old, well hell, I should be in the nursing home.

Ian McGibboney said...

Sheesh, it's like explaining what food is...sigh...

In the Saints-Rams game on Sunday, Roman Harper recovered a fumble that was almost a Rams touchdown, and ran it as far down the field as he could go. But he ran out of gas, and Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford, who looks like he should be in a kids' cereal commercial, ran him down until Harper just stepped out of bounds. Harper had a great game, but he became the instant butt of jokes for it. Especially after they showed him on the sidelines sucking down oxygen and sporting gray hair.

You can see it here:

It's kind of funny, really.

venessalewis said...

BWAHAHAHA! I thought that there were 2 guys named Roman Harper and Sam Bradford on your flag football team and you were all P.O.'d about an incident at a recent game. haha!

Ian McGibboney said...

Hell, they can come!