Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Crapbook: 1981 edition

My second Christmas is one I remember mainly because the toys lasted for several years afterward. Among the highlights were a miniature pinball machine, some trippy Mattel toy I'm still trying to find, a Hot Wheels city (which I was still playing with 10 years later) and Dukes of Hazzard galore. Here is the holiday in pictures:

My brother Colin (3) and I (19 months) sit on Santa Claus' lap at the YMBC Christmas party. I don't remember what we asked for, but it was most likely more stripes.

And as if seeing him once wasn't thrilling enough, Santa visited us yet again on Christmas Eve, this time at my grandparents' house. This time, he looked a lot like my Uncle Ronnie. And he stopped by California on his way in from the North Pole and brought my dad! I wonder if he had bag lag?

As Dad and great-aunt Ninnin (real name: Linda Hamilton, star of the Terminator movies) watched, Colin and I tore open the presents that Santa brought, thus beginning a long tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve, and getting more, unwrapped and straight from Santa, on Christmas morning. I really enjoyed the box of my Fisher-Price talking phone, while Colin seems miffed that he got a literate toy like the See n Say.

We also got the game Operation too, a game I'd come to learn wasn't exactly brain surgery. Rim shot.

On Christmas morning, we converged in our living room, which was apparently in phase .05 of a renovation. Here, my dad engages me in the aforementioned trippy Mattel toy. I remember it well, because I had it until I was about eight. I just wish I could remember what it was, exactly. I know that it had a window with a mirror and a cartoon drawing of a bedroom, and you could zoom it in and out. That yellow thing appears to be a radio mic. Whatever it was, it was awesome, as was the pinball machine. Colin, meanwhile, appears to be setting up his Hot Wheels City and Dukes of Hazzard swag. YEEEEE-HAAAAA!!

Apparently, the above photos were a bit pedestrian in their clarity, so someone decided to get artsy and dreamy. Here I am again, playing with the Mattel gizmo while sitting next to an inflatable animal thing that jingled when you rolled it. Oddly enough, my memories of playing with the animal thing are in black and white. Huh.

In this dreamy picture, you can see the mysterious Mattel thingy much clearer. To its right is a racetrack that my parents would store up in the vent frame above the doorway when we weren't playing with it.

Colin shows off some of his prized toys. This was at the peak of my parents' "Let's make sure every shot of Colin's is headshot-quality but it's OK if Ian's get blurred" phase. Case in point...

Believe it or not (and you no doubt do), I actually remember this. It was my first-ever encounter with garland, and I was convinced that if you held it up close to your eyes, you could see images of other families opening their presents.

I have no idea what's going on here.

And we apparently went to see our relatives in New Orleans on Dec. 19. I originally had this on 1983, but look at us. Also, I found another picture from the party with a Cowboys-Giants game on TV, and according to Wikipedia, that game was on Dec. 19, 1981. The Giants won, 13-10. You can't say I don't do my research. 

Next time: My long-haired, hyperactive, wheelchair-shoving Christmas of 1982!


rhonda said...

love these kinds of posts :-)

that baby pic at the top? you still make that face. awww.

rhonda said...

i think that baby picture at the very top is becoming one of my favorite pictures. :-)